ASRU 2013

Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop

December 8-12, 2013 | Olomouc, Czech Republic

Practical Information


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The lowland of the Haná region, in whose center Olomouc is located, is one of the warmest areas in the country. The climate is very pleasant without dramatic shifts in temperature. December is however one of the coldest months with an average temperature of -1 to -4 °C. It snows a few times during the winter and temperatures below -10 ° C are recorded occasionally.

The current weather forecast for Olomouc

Communicating with the locals

Czech people are generally helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask help in the streets of Olomouc. Young people will probably speak some degree of English, while with older generation, the probability is lower (you might find excellent German speakers though). In case you are looking for a place, make sure you have it written or printed – English pronunciation of Czech words can lead to confusion.


Foreign currency is generally not accepted in the Czech Republic, get some cash at the airport (there are change machines and ATMs in the arrival hall). Credit cards are accepted except for small shops.

Czech Central bank exchange rate

Emergency number

In need of emergency assistance, whether it's fire, police or medical services, the number to call is 112.


The Czech Republic uses a 230 volt 50 Hz system.

Local time

 Time in Olomouc


The city of Olomouc lies at the confluence of two rivers - the Morava and the Bystřice. The flat character of the town is demarked by a distinctive, elevated relief in the west and especially in the east, so the city is enclosed into an elongated depression open towards northwest and southeast.

  • Area: 10 337 ha
  • Altitude (the city centre): 219 m a.s.l.