ASRU 2013

Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop

December 8-12, 2013 | Olomouc, Czech Republic

Public Transport in Olomouc

  • There are several options how to travel in Olomouc. It doesn`t take much time to get from one to the other side. You can choose between tram, bus or taxi.
  • Trams and buses are part of public transport and common tickets are used there. Single tickets or 24 hours tickets can be purchased in stores marked with a sticker of City Public Transport (MHD) (information centres, tobacconists and newsstands), as well as from ticket machines at tram or bus stops or directly from the driver (with a small surcharge).
Single ticket 14 CZK (20 CZK when bought at the driver, please prepare the exact amount in cash)
Day ticket 46 CZK
  • Traveling by taxi is much more expensive but you can hardly exceed 400 CZK in this small city.
  • Public transport connections can be found at (in case the page does not show in English, use the icon in bottom right of the page). Then choose orange button “MHD” and select “Olomouc”. After that you can enter bus or tram stations you want into fields “From” and “To”.